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Rooftop Solar Plant

Reach us for Rooftop Solar Plant Installations at –

  • Residences

  • Industries

  • Cold Storages

  • School / College

  • Other Commercial Establishments

  • Social / Religious Establishments


Products & Partners

  • Solar Modules with minimum 10-year manufacturing defect and 25 years linear performance warranty

  • Solar Inverters with 5 /10 years warranty

  • Structure of Galvanized Iron/Annodized Aluminium

  • Balance System like cables, wires, earthing etc. of reputed makes

  • 5 years preventive maintenance & warranty on entire system


Advantages of Rooftop Solar Plant –

  • Reduce Electricity bill up to 90%

  • Payback in 3 to 5 years

  • Plant Life of 25 years and more

  • Net Metering: Feed excess generation into grid

  • Government Subsidy for select categories

  • Accelerated Depreciation Benefits

  • Generation Based Incentives from Government

Rooftop Setup.jpg
How Solar Plant Works.jpg

How Solar Energy Works

  • Sunlight contains tiny particles of Energy called Photons

  • When Sun rays hit a solar panel material inside the panel - usually Silicon - absorbs the photons

  • The Photons excite the electrons inside the silicon's item until they begin to dart around and break away, forming an electric current.

  • Copper Wiring inside the panel serves as highway for the current

  • The Direct Current (DC) travels out of the panel through a control device  called an inverter, which changes it to an Alternating Current (AC) we use.

  • The Electricity then passes from breaker boxes to outlets throughout the building, Electrical Items such as computers and lights can then run on this pollution free solar energy.

  • Whatever isn't used goes back into the electrical grid so it can be used by someone else. 

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