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STP Plant for Hotels

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

What is Sewage?

Sewage is contaminated water that comes from homes, industries, commercial areas, and from hotels, canteens, etc. It consists of grey water and backwater. Sewage treatment becomes important to solve this matter. It is a method in which unhealthy substances are removed from contaminated water.

Sewage Treatment in Hotels:

As big hotels are noteworthy for many visitors. Every person wants to stay at a place which is safe and clean. People always note where the hotel is, the facilities, as well as cleanliness of the hotel. If they find any hotel with some issues related to system, it will give a bad impression on visitors. So, if hotel sewage is not properly treated, it will create bad smell as well as affecting the environment and humans. Therefore, hotels are in need to install STP Plant, if they want their grades to increase among visitors and also if they are concerned about human’s safety as well our surroundings.

This system is designed keeping in mind the safety and well-being of people and tries to build a neat and clean environment. STP Plant for Hotels removes harmful contaminants from wastewater. It is also called as wastewater treatment in hotels. These plants are felicitous in treating hotels sewage as they are giving 100% results during this treatment

Technologies used in STP system:

  • MBBR: It is moving bed biofilm reactor. It is flawless for aerobic as well as anaerobic processes. This process is simple to operate and it expands treatment capacity. It is methodical for elimination of BOD.

  • MBR:  Its full name is membrane bioreactor. It plays an important role in water treatment processes. It is amalgamation of activated sludge process. It is a good technology and gives favored results during wastewater treatment.

  • SBR:  Full form of SBR is sequencing batch reactors. It helps in complete cycle of treatment. It is a good quality technology and is effectively used in STP frameworks.

The STP Plant Manufacturers are designing these plants in all those technologies mentioned above. It depends on the hotels in which technology they want this plant to install in their hotels. Not only for hotels, this system is also available for many industries, and hospitals, etc.

STP Maintenance Services are available in India. These frameworks are manufactured in fully automatic and semi-automatic. This treatment includes physical, biological, and other chemical processes to remove contaminants from water and therefore provide water that is suitable to use in irrigation, or agricultural activities etc. To treat sewage in a proper way, these plants are very much suitable.

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