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STP Plant for Hospitals

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

In modern age, wastewater solution becomes a need in various sectors. If we talk about hospitals, they use a large amount of water every day and produce large volume of wastewater. Sewage from medical institutions or hospitals is composed of dangerous and risky pollutants that are in need of treatment prior its discharge into the drain.

What is Hospital Sewage and why its treatment is necessary?

Before this we should know about wastewater. It is the water that is affected due to various activities or it is the water which has harmful substances in it. Sewage from the hospital comes from various areas of hospitals like ICU, emergency room, canteen, laboratory and, from many other areas.  Hospital sewage contains many risky elements that have bad effect on environment as well as human beings. Therefore, its treatment is necessary. STP Plant for Hospitals is solving wastewater related problems in medical areas. Its motive is to treat wastewater in a proper way before its release into nature as the wastewater generated from the hospital has unfavorable influence on humans.

According to Pollution Control Board, it is compulsory for hospitals to have a STP Plant for their proper treatment of wastewater.

Wastewater Treatment Process in Hospitals:

  • Pre treatment – It is an important stage in STP system. It eliminates waste and inorganic solids.

  • Primary Treatment – At this stage, other solids are removed from the wastewater.

  • Secondary Treatment – It removes dissolved materials from water. This treatment removes a large percentage of harmful solids.

  • Tertiary Treatment – This stage separates those harmful materials which are not separated during all the above processes.

STP Manufacturer, a great name manufacturing these plants for the topmost results in sewage treatment. MBBR technology is very popular by which these plants are made up of. It is Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor. It comprises of an activated sludge aeration system where the sludge is gathered on plastic carriers. Other technologies used in manufacturing these frameworks are MBR, SBR etc. This framework main purpose is to eliminate solid and liquid waste from wastewater, and therefore makes water into reusable condition. The Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer, providing their manufacturing and maintenance services everywhere. These plants have different models or sizes like 100 KLD, 200 KLD, and 500 KLD to 1 MLD etc. The unique technique of this system helps a lot of people in the world. Not only hospitals are using these plants but also it is useful in hotels, malls, complexes, and canteens, etc. These frameworks are designed according to these places as well.

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