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ETP Plant for Textile Industry

Updated: Mar 20, 2021


Water is prime part for every living organism on earth. Its color is transparent and when mixes with any other colored substance it takes the color of that substance or material. We can live without eating something for few days, but we can’t live without water. Clean water is essential for drinking but water is also needed in millions of other activities like washing, cleaning, construction of a building, manufacturing processes, and other commercial activities. It is a big requirement in industries to clean water which is affected due to their activities. The ETP Plant is designed to solve the wastewater related issues in Industries.

Wastewater Problems in Textile Industry:

Textile Industries use a large amount of water in their processes and as a result produces large volume of wastewater which is need of treatment before discharge into the environment. In these industries, different types of chemicals are used in dyeing and other activities. The wastewater generated by them contains harmful substances. It is obligatory for these industries to set up wastewater treatment plant known as ETP Plant for Textile Industry to decrease the level of polluted wastewater. Wastewater treatment plays a very important role in these industries and it is good for the industries as well.


The ETP Manufacturer, protecting the environment by manufacturing ETP systems so, textile industries, and other industries will take benefit by setting these systems in their industries, and therefore after treatment wastewater will not have any negative impact on the environment. These systems are conservative, and vitality productive. They are designed to remove the harmful substances from water and produces clean water which is reusable in other works. Different models of these systems or the sizes in which they are available are 10 KLD, 50 KLD, 100 KLD, and 500 KLD to 1 MLD etc.

  • Removes dirt, pollution, and polymers etc. from wastewater.

  • These frameworks utilize evaporation and filtration technique for treatment.

  • This treatment is also called as modern wastewater treatment.

  • It involves different phases of treatment comprising physical, chemical and biological treatment.

  • Its installation in any industry is based on the quantity of effluent generated.

  • The main focus of this system is to turn large amount of effluent to null by separating water & salt by using its own technique.

  • It eliminates COB/BOD and fulfills clean water standard necessity by its process.

The Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer, designing these frameworks with the fresh techniques or materials to give satisfactory results to industries. This system is available in fully automatic and semi-automatic modes. This plant is very effective in providing solutions to wastewater problems.

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