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Neosonic Magnetic Decomposer

NEOSONIC Machine is an eco-friendly innovative Japanese technology for complete organic Solid Waste Management and treatment in our country. It is an energy free garbage processing system a dependable source for creation of a clean and green environment. It does not burn garbages rather uses magnetic action to reduce organic materials into one three hundredth of its original volume. The unit does not require any fuel or electricity to run. The equipment is made up of mild steel with anti-corrosion and anti-heat resistant coating on both sides. The machine is very easy to handle, manage and can be installed even inside Hospitals campus, locality, etc. as it required minimum space area (5 meter X 5 meter area) thereby minimizing zero collection by vehicles.

The unit does not produce any harmful toxic gases, substances, even noises, heat shock into the environment. It is based on low temperature pyrolysis that decomposes organic wastes using powerful magnetic action. Unlike incinerator, it does not burn garbages rather decomposes garbages through molecular disintegration into its fragment compounds in oxygen starve environment. It is a garbage processing system that can reduces 01 (One) ton of garbage into only 03(three) kg of its total volume. The machine can decompose 72 tonnes of garbages per day and once activated it will continue to operate for another 10-12 years. However it is advisable to replace the magnets once in every 10 years. The unit does not required any segregation of wastes but rather focused on total destruction of both toxic, hazardous wastes that are difficult to handle and managed.The end output is only vapour and ceramic ash that can be used as fertilizer.

The unit comes under three model as:-


  1. 1800 Model – 8 tonnes/8 hrs


  1. 3600 Model – 16 tonnes/8 hrs


  1. 5400 Model – 24 tonnes/8 hrs


Types of Waste Material that can Processed



All types of Organic wastes


  • Kitchen waste, Agricultural waste, Solid Hazardous materials, Bio-Medical waste, Wood, Vinyl sheets, Organic Sludge, Rugs, Plastics Batteries, Caulking agent, Polystyrene, etc.


Advantages of Neosonic over Other Application


  • Needs no fuel/ electricity to run.

  • Capacity of 24 tonnes of garbage per 6- 8 hours.

  • Reduces wastes to about 1/300 of its original volume.

  • Unit emits only vapour and ceramic ash as it works on low oxygen level.

  • Zero dioxin gas emission. Small amount of CO & H2 emitted are much below CPCB standards.

  • Zero toxic substance emission.

  • No odour emission, No heat shock.

  • No Noise pollution.

  • Controls CO2 emission thereby minimizing Global Warming.

  • Completely killed pathogens present in organic wastes.

  • Low maintenance, only advisable that is necessary is reconditioning of the unit and cleaning the inside of the filtering unit.

Waste 1.jpg

Benefits of Neosonic

  • Required small space as compared to conventional land-filling.

  • Complete avoidance of land-filling.

  • Can be installed in places like Hospital campus, locality, mountain or such other places since no fuel/ electricity is required.

  • Total processing solution for all types of organic wastes.

  • Total eliminations of toxic gases and other compounds.

  • Easy installation and maintenance.

  • Reliable one time operational cost.

  • Overcome almost all drawbacks of the existing waste disposal technologies.

  • Provides complete solution for safe disposal of bio-medical waste.

  • Helps in maintaining clean, healthy & Green Environment.

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