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Biological STP (Sewage Treatment Plant)

Soil Bio Filtration -an ecosystem created using soil, Nutrient rich waste water & solar energy wherein our waste becomes food for others. It is a method of rejuvenating  wastewater by charging sewage with new life and vitality using natural processes. 

Urine contributes high level of Nitrogen and Phosphorus to sewage. when its nutrient rich waste water enters fresh water bodies likes lakes and rivers, the dissolved oxygen [DO] level drastically reduces, leading to fish kill.Bio STP efficiently removes these nutrients and also increase the DO level of treated water.

Increase in DO level, triggers biological recurrence and rejuvenation.




  • Easy to operate

  • Low running cost

  • Eco friendly, low carbon footprint

  • Good Value for money

  • Good Compliance

  • ~zero electricity

  • Very low civil cost

  • Fits anywhere

  • Gardener, ~zero OPEX

  • Quick deployment

Technical Specifications

  • Footprint: 0.4 sq m/KLD

  • Energy Consumption: 0.2 kWh/KLD

  • Operation and maintenance cost: ~Rs 5/KLD

  • Dissolve Oxygen: >4 mg/L

  • Output pH : 6 to 8

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-23 at 11.16.36 PM
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-23 at 11.18.00 PM


  • Photosynthesis

  • No retention

  • Modular

  • Simple operation

  • Prefabricated system

  • Simple Design

  • Unskilled manpower, half day work

  • Power consumption: very low

  • Low CAPEX and OPEX

  • High quality treated water output


  • Unclog percolation pipes dismantle and clean whenever required

  • Deweed, trim and uproot plant as an when required

  • top area of STP module to be debris free at all times.

  • plant to run continuously 24x7, manual over ride in case  auto controls fails.

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