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Air Pollution Control System

Air quality improvement system used due to the air pollutant which are discharge by the motor vehicles and industries; and these pollutants are mix in the clean air. Air pollution is very dangerous to our environment, air pollution is the main reason of global warming, and require air pollution control system which are very useful to clean the air. We offers best quality air pollution control system as per the customer requirement in India.

We helps in giving all arrangements identified with air pollution monitoring and control.

The most frequently used devices for controlling air pollution emissions are Fabric filters (also called bag houses), Cyclones (or Multi cyclones), Wet scrubbers, Electrostatic Precipitator.

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Bag Filter

Also Known as fabric filters, bag houses, These filters use fabric collectors to separate dust particulates from dusty gases. Depending on their cleaning methods and applications, bag filters are of different types:

1. Shaking Bag Filters

2. Reverse Air Bag Filters

3. Pulse Jet Bag Filters

 4. Cartridge Collectors

 5. Sonic Collectors

With  enormous industry experience, we are indulged in providing comprehensive compilation of Bag Filters which are easy to install and need low maintenance.

Wet Scrubber System

Industrial wet scrubbers system used to remove the particulate and dust particles using the liquid droplet. Liquid absorb and dissolve pollutant gases.

The wet scrubber system used to eliminate both impure gases and particulates.

Contact between gas and liquid to be purified so as to remove the particles. The spray tower wet scrubber is very effective to gather greater than 5 micrometers particulate. To eliminate particles, the ability of wet scrubber proportional to power input supply.

High energy consuming scrubber system are used to collect the one micrometer or than one micrometer particulates.

The wet scrubbers are the only air pollution control device which can remove both particulates and gas pollutant. Wet scrubber system leads high pressure drops, due to this reason; it is rarely used as a primary air pollution control device. The wet scrubber mainly used to control the emission of acid gases.

We offers all type of industrial wet scrubber system according to customer industry requirement.

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Electrostatic Precipitator Air Pollution Control Device

The electrostatic precipitator air pollution control device is widely used pollution control device to collect particulates. Using the the force of an induced electrostatic charge, electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is a particulate collecting device which is remove the particulates from gaseous stream

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